Friday, July 7, 2017

Morris Mole by Dan Yaccarino

Morris Mole by Dan Yaccarino
Harper: An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers

Rating: 5 stars

You just don't see picture books about moles every day.

They're not the cutest and most cuddly animals. But with Yaccarino's creative brain and talented hands, this band of mole brothers is here to make an impression on your favorite reader.

Especially the littlest brother, Morris.

Unlike his big and beefy, shoveling and mining brothers, Morris is a little dandy of a guy. His brothers wear hard hats, goggles, and construction boots. They carry picks, shovels, and axes. Morris? He wears a checkered suit, bow-tie, and leather shoes (Ferragamos?). He carries an umbrella.

But all the brothers have the same problem: they've run out of food. The big brothers approach the problem as they always have--with muscle. Their collective idea is what they always do: dig, dig, dig down until they find food.

Morris? He "dug down deep and found his courage" to try something different.

He dug up. And it turns out, Morris's idea was a good one. He found a whole new world, with other animals and wonderful things to eat. Thanks to Morris's ability to "be small but do big things," he and his brothers had a feast--again and again and again.

What little child can't relate to being the smallest in the bunch? What little child can't puff up their chest with pride at the very thought of being small, but capable of doing big things? Morris is the perfect little guy to remind our littlest to do just that.

Another winner of a book from Dan Yaccarino!

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