Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome, Beth!

I have to introduce Beth, someone to whom I often refer because she and her two kids are even bigger readers than we are.  Because her two kids are a few years older than Lorelei and Ben, she always has The Best books to suggest to us.  I've asked her to add some of her own reviews directly rather than what's happening now:

Me:  Beth, have any good books to suggest?

Beth:  Oh yes!  (Enter 10-15 titles here.)

Me:  Thanks!  (Now I go off and read them and write little reviews of the books and the tales of us reading them.)

Now you'll get them from Beth, herself!  And her illustrious daughter Julia, and her sweet son Ryan.  I'm sure pictures will follow sooner or later...but if I wait for them, this post might not actually be posted till August.  Of 2012!

The other big reason why I truly do need Beth's expert help is (drum roll, please), there'll be another baby in our house in a few months.  Ben and Lorelei (and me and Jonathan, too) are expecting a baby brother in early May.  Hooray!  I'm just going to go out on a limb and predict that I'll be a bit busier than I even expect as of this moment.  The fuzzy late nights of newborn-hood are fuzzy to me now...I think the reason we decided to try for a third child is because my brain forgets the bad and remembers the good.  I think I'm lucky for this...we'll see!

So, welcome Beth (and Julia and Ryan, her small but big helpers)!


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