Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman

Rating: 5 stars

What do you do while nursing or feeding a newborn?  "They" (who are they anyway?) say to talk to him, sing to him, read to him.  For me, I can't keep talking.  Either a) the quiet is so peaceful or b) I don't want to add to the crazy array of sounds we are already forcing Kiefer to listen to.  So, when it's just me and him, I read to him.  My husband laughs: "Starting him early?"  You betcha! 

Even Jonathan remembers this book and, if pressed, he could probably recite some of it.  It was Lorelei's bedtime book for months.  I'd read it every night--if traveling, I'd recite it from memory.  Kiefer now gets the same book--amazingly, our original is in tact.  It survived Ben's phase of eating books.

Karma Wilson has produced a book with a great rhyme and sweet message--one that resonates with me, the youngest child: no one wants to be left out!  A bunch of animals gather in Bear's den while he hibernates, and they party all night until suddenly Bear wakes up.  They all think he's mad but in fact he just wants to join in.  They invite him to eat and play with them until Bear is the only one who is not sleeping.

Luckily, Karma Wilson has saved my kids from complete boredom by writing more Bear books: Bear Wants More, Bear Feels Scared, Bear's New Friend. and Bear Feels Sick.  They are all great, but the original is my favorite.  Kiefer will soon agree.  He just has to hear it 7,538 more times.

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