Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shoe-la-la! by Karen Beaumont

Shoe-la-la! by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

Rating: 3.5 stars

I officially want to dislike this book.  Its cover is a sparkly image of four young girls dressed up far too maturely for their own good.  Let them be kids!  Keep them from wanting to wear high heels and pearls!


I'm sure there is a huge fan base for this book and others like it--books about dressing up and wearing the fanciest shoes in town with your closest girlfriends.  I guess the problem I have with that is that's what I would like to do on some weekends!  I don't want my five year old daughter doing that for, um, three decades!  Okay, maybe two.
These show off my pretty feet. / These look good enough to eat.
Fuzzy boots for when it snows. / Ballerina on my toes!

BUT I am a huge fan of Karen Beaumont and I'm glad I gave the book a chance.  Like all her books, there is a great rhyme that makes the book fun to read.  The very tomboyish girls decide to go find new party shoes, and head to the nearest shop to try on every pair imaginable.  They try on about three dozen each but still can't find a pair they like, so they head back home, empty-handed.

And then, as Ben would say, they used "their own imaginations" and grabbed their old shoes and made them fancy.  Okay, I can deal with an ending like that.  I can easily supply Lorelei with some glue and every art supply I've got in the house and let her go to town decorating those shoes until she is satisfied with the results.  And yup, I'd let her wear them in public.  And yup, if Ben wanted to do it, I'd let him decorate and wear his shoes "of his own imagination" in public, too.  Because why should girls get to have all the fun?

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