Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fraidyzoo by Thyra Heder

Fraidyzoo by Thyra Heder

Rating: 5 stars

We've been reading more books at dinner time.  It's a habit I tried to stop is just too fun, the audience too captivated, the opportunity to read books together too limited that we've started back up again.  I know that we'll have to quit sometime in the future.  But not today.  Or next week.  Let me squeeze a few more months out of this habit of reading with our mouths full!

(Okay, I DO encourage good eating manners--I do the reading, generally without my mouth being full, and they do the eating and listening and adding...)

We checked out Fraidyzoo for the second time in a month this week.  It was just so fun the first time around, and we had an even better time with it on the second check-out.  The story is pretty simple: Little T is afraid to go to the zoo, and her family is trying to guess why.  Which animal she is afraid of?  They guess one for each letter of the alphabet by dressing up as that animal in some incredibly creative (yet doable in your home!) ways.

Does it live in the tropics? Or gloop through the ocean?
Does it hop with a pocket? Does it ROAR?
When we checked this out a second time and read it last night while eating, the kids took turns guessing what animals the family was dressing up as is.  Lorelei, Ben, Kiefer.  Lorelei, Ben, Kiefer.  Three ages, three reading levels, all guessing happily.  Fun times!

The illustrations are spectacular--SO creative they will invite you and your kids to examine them.  We noticed on this second read how the snake had a stuffed animal in its looooong body.  We talked about how the lion sort of looks like a gorilla but it's L's turn so...probably not gorilla because it starts with a G.  And that tail...definitely lion-like.

 It turns out, though, that Little T is not afraid of an animal...well, not exactly an animal...  I don't want to be the spoiler on this one and it's really worth discovering her (funny) fear along with your child.  We laughed like crazy, all together.  It was one of Those Moments, you know?

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