Monday, October 7, 2013

The Ghosts in the Cellar by Jacques Duquennoy

The Ghosts in the Cellar by Jacques Duquennoy

Rating: 4 spooky stars

If you hand this book to Kiefer, he'll cringe away from it and say, "Cary!" and then smile at his own little joke.  Pretty funny, that kid.

And pretty cute, this book.

What kid doesn't like a what's-that-spooky-noise type of book, a mystery wrapped in a little children's book?  And when the characters are ghosts and those ghosts are scared, well...that's a little silly.  Just silly enough to get some giggles from your audience.

And that's what the story line is: four ghosts are playing cards in a castle when they hear boom after boom.  They decide to be brave and investigate (after hiding, quaking in fear, under the card table for a few minutes).  As they encounter creepy stuff--a mouse, a spider, a bat, their own reflection in a mirror, Lorelei and Ben were howling with the image of scared ghosts.

They finally find what's making the noise: a chest.  They throw it open and all yell, together, "HELP!  A GHOST!"  (More silliness!)

It's their Aunt Gigi; it's her birthday.  She's 500 years old today and wants to invite them to her party.

A cute little book, great to read to a preschool or elementary school class this Halloween!  (I like another of his ghost books, A Ghost's Dinner, even more...)

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