Monday, September 8, 2014

Gus, the Dinosaur Bus by Julia Liu

Gus, the Dinosaur Bus by Julia Liu, illustrated by Bei Lynn

Rating: 4 stars

Two of my three young kids ride the bus to and from school.  It's exciting stuff: walking up those big, huge steps, past the sweet driver Mrs. G, walking down the aisle with your mostly empty backpack bumping on the seats...

But I'm pretty sure they'd trade in their yellow school bus for a brachiosaurus any day of the week.

Gus, the dinosaur bus, takes kids to and from one particular school in this (I'm guessing?) fictional town. There's no need to walk to the curb--he just puts his head up to your window and you can slide down his neck to the general seating area on his back.  Wheeeee!

There are difficulties, of course.  His feet leave giant potholes, his tail gets tangled in wires, and crossing bridges is risky business when you weigh as much as five elephants!

And so, Gus gets retired. (He cries so hard at the news that he creates a cool new pool in the gymnasium.)  The school has to keep him around--the kids love him too much to part with him--so they make him part of the playground. He IS the playground, actually... (that last page is very similar to Superworm, a hilarious book you really should know about).
But life is not perfect for a dinosaur bus.

The illustrations by Bei Lynn are simple, unique--like well planned out scribbles.  It's a nice change of pace from the norm: books with sweeping, impossibly perfect illustrations that draw in the reader but also intimidate budding artists.

In all, a fun book to add to your pile.  My kids could not get enough of the story and pictures!

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