Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Millie and the Big Rescue by Alexander Steffensmeier

Millie and the Big Rescue by Alexander Steffensmeier

Rating: 4 stars

Oh the silliness of it!  Just the idea of all the farm animals playing hide-and-go-seek on a warm afternoon makes my kids curious and puts a smile on their faces.  One chicken hides under a flower pot (can you find his skinny chicken legs?)...  One pig hides in a tub-turned-watering-spot (can you spot his snout?)... One horse hides behind a big bush (can you see his blonde tail sticking out?)...

And Millie, the sweet heifer/main character, is super excited to have found the best hiding spot of all: a tree!  She perches her spotted rump way up high in a tall, tall tree, where she gazes out on her favorite farm and the surrounding land.  She sits and waits.  Waits and sits.  Sits and waits.  Sigh.  A little more sitting, a little more waiting...  Until she's bored.  And then Millie realizes that she is stuck.

Instead of helping her down, her barnyard friends get the silly idea to go up to join her! Pretty soon even the farmer joins her animals, and gets stuck up there herself when her ladder falls down. One chicken trots out to the neighbor for help, and when he comes, he calls the fire department.

The good-natured fire fighters have the silliest rescue of their careers (and the good-natured readers have a grand time looking at the illustrations of all this silliness).

This is a crowd-pleaser of a book!

P.S. Millie and her friends have had a few other adventures equally as silly.  Check out Millie Waits for the Mail and Millie and the Big Snow!

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