Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bennett Cerf's Book of Riddles

Bennett Cerf's Book of Riddles with drawings by Roy McKie

Rating: 4.5 stars

Here's a classic that I read to Lorelei and Ben this morning, "quizzing" them to see if they remembered the answers.  They did!  And I did, too, because this book is so old I remember reading it when I was in elementary school (it was published in 1960, so there might be a few politically incorrect drawings but they are all such safe, non-sarcastic jokes that the book is still great)...

Some of my favorites:

What holds up a train?
Bad men!
What is big and red and eats rocks?

A big red rock eater!

Why did the little boy throw the clock out the window?

Because he wanted to see time fly!

What gets lost every time you stand up?

Your lap!

Silly.  Funny.  Giggle-worthy.  And some logic-filled brain-teasers, too!  Any book with an illustrations of bandits holding up a train is a good book in my book!  Does anyone else remember this book?

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