Thursday, March 28, 2013

We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Take Two)

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Rating: 5 stars

Almost three years ago (!) I blogged about We're Going on a Bear Hunt--and I'm sure anyone reading this is familiar with the book and loves it as much as we do.

An hour ago I was mentally counting the minutes until bedtime.  I'm sure you've never been there.  You're probably a more patient parent than I am.  It was that time of day when they are fed but tired, energetic but unfocused.  And I was ready for bedtime--theirs, that is.  We've had a full day of hiking with Grammy and a nice quiet time and good meals...I've been a good mom today. many minutes left?

I was checking my Facebook for distraction from my countdown and came across this: 100 Ways to be Kind to Your Child.  Hmm.  I clicked on it and immediately loved it.  It's a long list of little things that have a big impact (in case you're wondering, checking your Facebook is not on the list), and they are great ideas to sprinkle into your daily routine.

Like #47--Read a book and then act it out, like We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

What a fantastic idea!  I told the kids what we were going to do.  Ben quickly volunteered to be the bear.  Lorelei and I started in the playroom, and swish-swashed, squelch-squirched, stumble-tripped, tip-toed our way to him at the front door.  When we got there, to the grinning, growling Ben, we said "One shiny wet nose?" and touched his nose.  "Two big furry ears?"  And touched his ears.  "Two big goggly eyes?"  And touched his eyebrows.  "It's a bear!" and then ran screaming, and he ran after us growling and laughing.

Fun!  Lorelei took a turn being the bear, but I think everyone's favorite was when Kiefer and I were bears--we chased them for about ten minutes through the house, finding the bigger kids in every hiding place they could find, and laughing wildly.  The best thing for them: running through the house screaming, being chased by Mommy-the-bear.  The best thing for me: crazy but channeled fun, an activity long enough to sustain us until bedtime.

I had to pass along the list and the idea and the laugh...just in case you find yourself in need of a 15 minute activity during your hardest part of your day.

Now I'm wondering what other books I can do this with...  Any ideas for me?

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