Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Tiny King by Taro Miura

The Tiny King by Taro Miura

Rating: 4 stars

This book, selected because of the big ole "K" on its cover, was not at all what I expected, but I really appreciate the message, which is more for me than my kids.

Here's the story:

Once upon a time there lived a tiny king.  He lived alone in his huge castle, which was filled with marching soldiers, dazzling fountains, prancing horses, delicious foods, and one enormous bed.  But he was all alone.  He couldn't enjoy any of these things.  He had no one to share them with.

Then one day, the tiny king met a big princess.  They fell in love and got married. They had children--ten of them! The marching soldiers were sent away; the pitter-patter of little feet filled the old castle.  The dazzling fountains became a fun bathtub for the kids.  The prancing horses pulled the family to picnics. The delicious foods were a huge feast to share together.  And they slept together in the enormous bed, with the king and his queen smiling at each other and the ten little, royal kids in between them.
The Tiny King and his family gathered round
the big table every day.

Taro Miura explains the book in this way: "This simple story is about a lonely king whose life is completely changed by having a family.  If this story reminds the fathers, mothers, and children who read it about the joy of having a family, it will make me very happy."

What a wise soul.  He's produced such a gentle reminder--in book form--to focus on the big joys of family rather than the little, nagging day-to-day challenges of family.  It's a choice, he suggests.  And I agree.

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