Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just to make you smile...

It's 6:34 AM.  Let me tell you a little about my last few hours...

3:14   Ben wakes up, my husband goes to see what's going on.
3:25   Husband returns to bed.
3:45   Ben's door opens, and then closes.  His way of saying, "Ummm...I'm awake, anyone going to see       what I'm doing?"
3:46   I go see what he's doing.
4:00   I convince him to lie down.
4:20   He is mostly asleep, I tell him I'm going back to my bed.
4:35   Ben's door opens, and then closes.
4:36   I sigh.
4:37   I get up, lie down with Ben, convince him to lie back down again.
4:55   Ben is snoring softly.  WHEW!
4:56   I begin to extricate myself.  Slooowly, very slooooooooowly.
4:58   I wake up Ben.
4:59   I swear--loudly--to myself.
5:00   I try to explain to Ben that lying back down and going back to sleep will win my eternal gratitude.
5:12   I give up.  I tell Ben not to leave his room until Kiefer wakes up.
5:13   I go back to my bed.
5:15   My husband's alarm goes off.
5:18   Ben's door opens, and then it closes.
5:20   I give up, I get up, put on my running clothes.

It goes on a little longer, but...needless to say, my morning has been, um, amusing.  But Kiefer never fails to make me smile--to make all of us smile--so I thought you might smile at the video I took of him yesterday:

Have a good day...hope you got a little more sleep than me.

And if you see me today, will you please refill my coffee cup?  Thanks.

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