Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Be Enemies by Janice May Udry, illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Let's Be Enemies by Janice May Udry, illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Rating: 4 stars

That's right.  We have a book lying around our house called Let's Be Enemies.  That's what you get when you turn your 3 1/2 year old loose in the library and truly let him choose whatever he wants.  (Do you know the only thing I don't allow in our library bag, which I have to work out to lift up?  The Beatrice Potter series.  Blech.)  Anyway, thanks to Ben this book is sitting around and has gotten quite a bit of attention from everyone who has seen it.

Point #1: It's not a bad book if you can get past the title!  Two boys get into a tiff and then work it out, remaining friends even after a disagreement.  Definitely a good story to have around.  Especially when you have two boys who are sure to get into a tiff or two.

Point #2: I love unleashing my kids into the library!  The librarians know us well (not shocking); Lorelei is as quiet as a mouse and Ben tries really hard to be semi-quiet.  (We all have things to work on...)  Behavior in a library is definitely a learned thing, and...practice makes perfect!

Point #3:  Maurice Sendak's illustrations rock.  They are so on-point with boyhood I just can't get over it.  Take the picture right here, on the right.  Is that Ben and Kiefer?  Or my dad and one of his brothers?  Could be either, or both.  Boys playing together, with imaginary swords and helmets...God bless 'em.

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