Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pink Me Up by Charise Mericle Harper

Pink Me Up by Charise Mericle Harper

Rating: 5 stars

Just in time for Father's Day...

I was a bit worried about this book when I saw the cover.  You guessed it: a lot of pink.  And on the pages, pink, pink, pink.  This little bunny (who is one of nine bunny children, the last, and the only girl) is like almost every little girl I know: pink-obsessed.  So she's pretty stoked to be invited to a Pink Girls Pink-nic.  Of course you have to wear pink and you have to bring your mom, and of course SHE has to wear pink, too.

Holy Pink-ness, Batman!

She gets her pinkest of all pink outfits ready and hops around the room, shouting "PINK!" over and over again.  She gets her mom's outfit ready.  And she wakes up her mom who has pink...SPOTS!  Oh no!  Her mom is sick.  But her dad volunteers to go.

But that can't be!  He's a boy, and he can't wear pink.  Her dad searches in his (not-so-pink) closet and finds: One.  Pink.  Tie.  And then he does the best thing a daddy he can do--he just hands himself over to his daughter and lets her "pink him up."  Together, they draw pink polka dots on one of his shirts, they tape pink stripes on some of his pants, they wrap his shoes in pink wrapping paper, and put pink stickers all over his jacket.  They decide he should NOT wear mom's pink skirt on his head like a wig (smart choice.  There are limits, you know).  And then the pink-y dad goes out in public, unashamed, with his daughter in tow.

And they have a fantastic time.  Of course!  Now, if we could just get Lorelei's Daddy to agree to let her pink him up!  I promise only to take one picture.  Okay, maybe two.  Or three...


  1. We would want copies of that picture...I bet he would look great in pink!