Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chloe by Peter McCarty

Chloe by Peter McCarty

Rating: 4 stars

Here's a little satire for your little one...

Chloe is a bunny who is smack in the middle of all her siblings--ten older, ten younger.  Her favorite time of day is in the evening, when all of her family plays together.  But one day her father brings home a present: a television set.  Most of her bunny siblings are excited, and they crowd around the television during the next evening playtime.  All except for Chloe and the youngest bunny, who sulk behind the oh-so-packed sofa.

"This is the worst family playtime ever!" she declares.

Soon, she grabs the box in which the television arrived and is pretending to be ON a television set.  And then she finds the bubble wrap that came with the box (oh, yeah, and the television).  Pop!  Pop!  Pop!  Pop!  One by one she grabs the attention of her siblings, and the box is soon more crowded than the sofa, because playing in a box with bubble wrap is--as we with imaginative kids know--waaaaaaay more fun that watching TV.  Soon the 21 bunnies are all laughing and playing so loudly they get the predictable Shhhhhhhhh! from their father, who wants to watch his show.

Moral of the story: Turn off the television and grab some bubble wrap!

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