Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where's Walrus? by Stephen Savage

Where's Walrus? by Stephen Savage

Rating: 4.5 stars

Here is a fun book--not much to it, though it's a great one to get kids laughing which, in my book, is always a wonderful sound.

Stephen Savage has drawn for us a series of illustrations of what a walrus does to fade into the background after escaping from the zoo.  As the zookeeper chases him from city place to city scene, the walrus tries to camouflage himself.  See for yourself in the images I have grabbed thanks to my buddy Google...

There is nothing funnier to Ben than me pretending not to see something that he sees so very clearly.  So when I say "I don't see a walrus!" he erupts in giggles and yells in his loudest inside voice (therefore making it a questionable inside voice):  "THERE MOMMY!  THERE!  THERE!!!"  I'm tempted to use size 38 font so you truly understand how loud and excited the response is!

Because there are no words, you can make up your own or just play dumb like me, which is always a hit at our house.

Sometimes the point of a book--or an activity, or a whole day--should be pure fun.  Not educational, not anything but f-u-n fun.  That is what this book is.  Oftentimes mom friends ask me for hints or suggestions to get their kids into reading. I often suggest books like these--ones that are pure fun, where the images are captivating and silly and make you want to turn the page to read the next one.  Maybe this one will be the "gateway book" that helps your child really get excited about books...or maybe it's just one in a long line of great ones they are already talking about in offensively loud decibels while your youngest child naps...

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