Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crocs! by David T Greenberg, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Crocs! by David T Greenberg, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Rating: 4 jaw-snapping stars

I can't get enough of these books.  I wish our library had the other two!  Read more about this book here, on my review of Snakes!   Or just read these fun stanzas from Crocs! to get a feel for the witty, sophisticated rhymes in this book for an advanced listener or reader...

The day is dank and glum
The mailman hasn't come
The monkeys in the trees seem somewhat nervous

Your dog is strangely missing
Your kitty's starting hissing
Your telephone has disconnected service

You're terribly paranoid
You race around your home to check the locks

Safe! You've checked them all
You're padding down the hall
And are smothered by a tidal wave of CROCS!

(I just want to assure all of you fellow dog-lovers out there that the pooch does turn up at the end...he is not eaten by crocs!  In fact, this book is a little less scary than Snakes! though the crocs do some damage in the boy's house...ripping up pillows and stuff.  Still, a fun read!)

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