Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My kids, post-breakfast

I'm not a perfect mom.  I know...there is no such thing.  But when I look back at my five years of being a mom, I realize that I did do the book thing right.   After breakfast today, I looked up from my usual place--the sink, of course!--to see this.  I grabbed my camera, feeling proud of them, and proud of myself.

My book-obsessed kids, taken by their proud (book-obsessed) mama
Lorelei started the trend, and Kiefer is looking straight into his little board book because there is a mirror in it, so he's either kissing himself (he definitely got the self-love gene from me) or just being silly (um, yeah, he probably got that gene from me, too).  And Ben had insisted he wasn't hungry and didn't want oatmeal until I coaxed him to the table by promising him to read him a book.  He came with five.  We compromised with two.

Life is good.

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  1. My favorite kids...besides my own of course. Love Kiefer kissing himself in the book.