Thursday, May 17, 2012

Samantha on a Roll by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Christine Davenier

Samantha on a Roll by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Christine Davenier

Rating: 4 stars

Samantha wants to learn how to skate, but her mom doesn't have time for her...not today.  What's a girl to do? Put the skates on and (augh!) skate around the house, teaching herself by going up and down the hall and around furniture.  And while her mom's not looking she (gasp!) heads outside by herself!  She skates all around town while her mom's looking after the baby (note to self: keep an eye on the others while changing the baby's diaper).  Whisking down Hawthorn Hill is where the adventure really begins...

Will is chasing butterflies.
Sammy takes him by surprise.
Flying by him like a jet,
Carries off his insect net.

"Now she's heading into town. / Tries to brake but can't slow down."
Matt and Molly, playing ball,
Miss the frantic warning call.
Sammy stumbles, bumping Matt--
Winds up with his baseball bat.

Toward the park now, swerving right,
Snags the strings of Katie's kite.
Katie hollers, "Come back NOW!"
Sammy cries, "I don't know how!"

As you can see, it's pretty fun to read.  As Samantha gains momentum and gathers collateral from her adventure, I gain momentum as I read it out loud to Lorelei and Ben (and Kiefer!).  It gets more and more exciting, especially if I get more and more into it.  (And what kid doesn't like their parent getting into a fun story?!)

The pictures are really fun, showing the crazy ride Samantha is on, showing Samantha's excited, now worried, now frantic, now happy, now proud face as she skates around town, and finally back to her house...where her mother now has time to show her how to skate.  Wouldn't you know it?  Samantha isn't interested anymore.  She'd rather just read a book quietly.

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