Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Carrot Soup by John Segal

 Carrot Soup by John Segal

Rating: 5 stars

I'm on a mission: to get my trio to love soup.  I love soup, so why shouldn't they?  It's simple, healthy, and make-ahead-able.  The problem?  They just don't like it.  YET.

Enter books about soups, including this one.  We've checked out this book a number of times from our great little library, but neither Lorelei nor Ben has suggested "Let's make carrot soup!" when I or they get to the end, where there's a recipe for carrot soup.  YET.

Ben added 6 cups of carrots.
I grabbed the book, checked it out, and brought it home.  Lorelei pulled it from the library bag, read it, got to the last page and guess what she said?  "Let's make carrot soup!"  I stifled my chuckle and replied: "What a great idea!"

Due to Lorelei's long days in kindergarten and our early mornings, it worked out best to make it this morning, after Daddy drove her to the bus.  While I was still sipping coffee and Kiefer was in between breakfast number one (banana and milk) and breakfast number two (cheesey eggs), the boys and I made carrot soup.  The sun hadn't even come up yet, but we were cooking!

I did most of the cooking, to be honest.  I let the kids cut things with butter knives, but carrots and onions required a real knife, so I'll wait a few years to hand those over.  While I sliced and diced, the boys did their favorite kitchen activity ever: pretend cooked.  They pulled out half the contents of the pantry, a bag of potatoes, and my leftover chicken broth cartons and added and mixed and created to their heart's content.

(Clean up took a while, in case you're wondered, but it's done.)

Kiefer minds the "pretend carrot soup" which
had everything but carrots in it.
 This book--I guess I should tell you about it--is a really good spring book (I type as winter is still weeks away).  Spring is Rabbit's favorite season, and he's excited to plant seeds for his favorite vegetable, carrots.  He waters, weeds, and waits until finally--FINALLY!--the carrots are ready.  He grabs his wheelbarrow and heads out.  But there's a problem: he can't find any carrots to dig up.

One by one, he asks his friends if they've seen his carrots.  One by one, they all say no...but one by one the reader sees them sneak in the background with wheelbarrows, bushels, arms full of carrots.  Rabbit is unaware, but Ben and Kiefer both shrieked in delight at the joke (we read the book while the carrot soup was simmering, during Kiefer's breakfast number two).

Discouraged and disappointed, Rabbit heads home...to a surprise party, with all of his friends and carrot soup.

Keep your fingers crossed that the eating of the carrot soup is just as successful as the making of carrot soup for us tonight!  I'm okay with the worst-case scenario: the kids each take a single "thank you bite," the boys get a little practice cooking for real and pretend, and I have lunch made for myself for the next few days.

P.S.  I didn't actually use the recipe in the book.  I like this one a whole lot better!

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