Monday, December 10, 2012

Queen of Christmas by Mary Engelbreit

 Queen of Christmas by Mary Engelbreit

Rating: 5 stars

We checked out this book from our local library last week, and it never left Lorelei's backpack.  She read it on the bus to school and on the bus from school every day.  She loved it.  This morning, when it finally came out of her backpack, we talked about it.

(The story: While counting down for Christmas and doing fun activities like ice skating with her grandma and baking cookies with her mother, Ann Estelle works on The List.  Of course, this is her long, long list of things she wants for a "gift-getting opportunity like Christmas."  On Christmas morning, she only receives a few things from her list, but is still very happy with the day.  "It's not the presents that matter," she tells her dad.  "Don't you know that?")
She decided to squeeze a red skating
outfit--with sparkles--onto The List.

Lorelei informed me that she wrote a little report on it in her class.  Her teacher asked each student to write about a book they loved, to draw one of the pictures from the book, and write a sentence or two about it.  Her favorite page was, unsurprisingly, the one where Ann Estelle is ice skating in a red sparkly ensemble.

My favorite page, unsurprisingly, is at the end: when Ann Estelle tells her father that she knows the important things about Christmas.  Namely, time spent with people she loves experiencing fun stuff.  I couldn't agree more.

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