Friday, December 21, 2012

What Am I? Christmas! by Alain Crozon

 What Am I?  Christmas! by Alain Crozon

Rating (according to Julia): 5 stars for kids, 3 stars for parents

I had a little problem, and I asked for a little help.

When my friend's daughter recommended some Christmas books to us, I tried to order all of the books.  But  a few weren't available and, like George, I was curious.  So I asked for help.  I wrote Julia an email asking if she would be interested in writing a review or two for my blog, telling readers about the book and what she thinks about it. 

Here is the bright and clever Julia's review:

What Am I? Christmas by Alain Crozon is not actually a storybook. It is a book that has quizzes, and you ask people the questions, and they have to answer them. 

Author Julia, hard at work on her review
One of questions is: “I become a special tree when you trim and decorate me!” then you lift up a flap and the flap reads:”a Christmas tree.” 

By Julia age 7, grade 1

(Me again.  I just have to add that Julia is as close to a crystal ball--where I can see the future--as I am ever going to have in my life.  She's about 18 months older than Lorelei and just as sweet and earnest and curious and, well, WONDERFUL!  Every time I see her I get a little sneak peek into what Lorelei is going to be doing in a year or two.  Such a gift!)

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