Monday, December 10, 2012

Holly's Christmas Eve by Wendy Watson

Holly's Christmas Eve by Wendy Watson

Rating: 3 stars

The last war memoir I read is too fresh in my mind to appreciate this book for what it is...

It starts off innocently enough...  All the ornaments on the tree come to life after bedtime.  They chit-chat a bit until Bad Cat leaps up and rustles the tree, causing Holly, a wooden doll, to lose an arm.  She is understandably distraught!  After the human chases away Bad Cat, in roars Vacuum Cleaner...who gobbles up Holly's arm!  She is understandably more distraught.

Hmmm.  Does the nutcracker then inject her with morphine and tell her everything is going to be just fine?  No, no...wrong book, Kate!

All of the ornaments then work together to locate the vacuum cleaner and recover the lost arm in the trash.  By the time they return to the tree, Santa is sliding down the chimney.  He magically repairs Holly's arm (who knew Santa was also a combat-ready medic?!) and the ornaments smile happily ever after.

Until they are deployed again.

Okay, not really.  That was just my ending.

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