Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Could Be Keeping Santa? by Marilyn Janovitz

What Could Be Keeping Santa? by Marilyn Janovitz

Rating: 4 stars

HUGE NEWS!  I got my first piece of fan mail.

Hmm.  Maybe I should be honest here.  Is it still "fan" when the fan is the daughter of a good college friend and one of the few people who have been reading this blog o' mine from the beginning and did a few posts with me a year or two ago?  And can I say "mail" when really it was a picture of a list of Christmas books that her daughter, Julia, had at her house that she wanted me to know about?
Page two of Julia's (oh so cute!) list

I consulted her mom--moms are always the final word, of course--and Beth said YES!

So here is one of the books her daughter, the bright and clever Julia, suggested I read and blog about.  (If you'd like a little story about Julia that I wrote once upon a time, click here.)

It's a cute story involving several mystified reindeer; each cute illustration involves them looking confused and befuddled in a new way.  They move about the North Pole, trying to figure out what's been keeping Santa.  There's a nice rhythm to the rhyme and Lorelei and Ben definitely got into the little mystery: what has been keeping Santa?

I love a funny ending, and we were all smiling when the reindeer have it wrong: "My dear deer friends, you'll have to wait. / You're one day early--check the date! / On Christmas Eve we won't be late... / Nothing would ever keep Santa!"

Very cute book, very worthy of a check out.

Thanks, Julia!

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